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This special blend of broken hearted bitterness is for you,
To our long story of sweet and sourness we’ve been through.
From the same old mug, swallowing down our love smoothly,
Letting go of all the sadness and misery.

Perfumer: Nutt Wesshasartar
Parfum Concentration: 18%
Bottle Material: Glass
Size: 2 mL / 0.07 fl. oz.

Top Notes: Coriander Seed, Bergamot, Peach, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper, Hazelnut, Lemon
Middle Notes: Coffee, Cocoa, Hay, Jasmine, Mate, Orange Blossom, Rose, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Amber Wood, Caramel, Cedar, Peru Balsam, Vetiver

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My love and passion for the smell of coffee are the inspirations to my interest in scents. I once dreamt of being a barista and own a cafe. Since then, I have learned about coffee roasting and also gained deeper knowledge to understand the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. I have traveled around Thailand to taste and learn more about coffee right from the source. Time flies by and I realized that having a cafe might not be the best choice during that time because most consumers still do not quite understand the uniqueness of coffee tasting and scents.

However, my passion for coffee never went away. I invented this perfume by using Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel with my all-time favorite Thai coffee from Nan province. This coffee is a city roast coffee or a light to medium roast coffee. This level of roasting brings out the best in the uniqueness of the coffee and does not have much bitter taste. Our taste notes include coco and caramel with a mix of sourness and peachy smell, and a little touch of floral scent of jasmine and rose. Experiencing the process of coffee roasting and fermentation happening at the origin blends life back to nature and is forever unforgettable.

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