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Morning sun shines bright in the summer,
As we gather for Songkran together,
Flowers bloom and sway like a treat,
Freshens the air and ease summer heat.

Perfumer: Nutt Wesshasartar
Parfum Concentration: 10%
Bottle Material: Glass
Size: 30 mL / 1 fl. oz.

Top Notes: Borneol, Nium-Horm (Thai Plant), Pandan Leaves
Middle Notes: Narcissus, Kewda, Jasmine, Rose, Hyacinth
Base Notes: Sandal wood, Musk

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Every year, in the morning of the 13th of April, is the first day of the new year in Thailand. People often gather in the morning to make merit for a happy start of the year before going out to enjoy the water festival until late. If we talk about Songkran, water festival is the first thing that we will think about. The water festival during Songkran has been carrying on since Sukhothai period. Moreover, this festival is the time that everyone in the family gather together to greet and receive blessings from our elderly love ones by pouring scented water mixed with a variety of flower petals, for example, jasmine and rose, on to their hands. This then brings happiness to our elderly members in our family.

To bring back the beautiful memories of Songkran, we then developed this perfume, “Khimhan”, which has a highly unique scent of Thainess, and will definitely take you back to the happy feeling of Songkran. In this formula, we use Borneol camphor and Strobilanthes nivea Bremek, which are high class plants used for Thai perfume. In addition, we also use Pandanus odoratissimus (Lamchiak), jasmine, rose and hyacinth, which were popular for making perfumes for high ranking people in the old days. As stated above, “Khimhan” is a perfume that fully represents “Thainess”. Anyone who uses this will be taken back in time to experience and feel the real Thai.

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