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SIAM1928 Mhom [VOYAGER] Reviews

Chris Perfume Review

A unique Thai herbal marshmallow with a delicate floral scent that comes with the filter of childhood. Like a splendid afternoon tea party, I dress up as European aristocrats but the musicians play Thai songs. The mix of different cultures has no conflicting feelings. The table was filled with sweets and tea, which was quite sweet, even though the superhero prince was not present, I persisted in myself and kept my old life longing love that I was the most pure marshmallow princess every moment and completely free in fairy tale style.

Fragrance Interpretation

Even though it’s a standalone show, the lead actor Marshmallow stands out. All scripts follow me Candy Sugar, Floral Flavor, Moisturizing Standard food fanatic colorful Thai style. This perfect fragrance has us imagining this beast. MHOM lying under the warm sun forest turns us into a sweet, caramel-flavored cake. I shake my little bottom, quickly bite me! haha~

Comprehensive assessment

Personally, I feel that SIAM1928 has made progress every time and combines many cross-border arts and great leaps for inventors in the perfume family. He has put a lot of effort into this. This time, in collaboration with the famous doll company [ Kaze_studio ], I am very satisfied with the control of perfume and dolls. I really like it.

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Ability to wear: ★★★★★
Durability: ★★★★☆
Penetration: ★★★☆☆
Cost savings: ★★★★★

Fragrantica Review by Adam Forziati

An unexpected contrast of sharp herbaceousness pierces the sweet vanillic cloud of sandalwood and a chewy textural note of marshmallow. I never would have imagined chamomile being such a perfect compliment to a marshmallow accord – but this is what is so beautiful about discovering the perspectives of today’s independent perfumers.

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