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From A Memory To Full Moon Scent

I still remember well when I was young. At that time I was a swimmer and had the opportunity to join swimming competition in Ubon Ratchathani. I went to live in the house of my relative, which is opposite the Thung Si Mueang temple. Inside the temple, there will be the Tripitaka Hall in the middle of the lotus pond.

On the full moon night, I saw lotus blossoms blooming around the pond smelling sweet aroma throughout the area, making it one of my unforgettable memories.

Until the day that I started to practice making and developing traditional Thai fragrance to create my own fragrance. The impression of the past became the inspiration for the new fragrance, “Chanalaj”.

Chanalaj is derived from the word ‘Chandra’, which means the moon combined with Nalat, which means flowers. Together, meaning that Flower of the moon.

The creation of the scent “Chanalaj” started with what I envisioned as a peaceful atmosphere with a gentle breeze, there are green around the pond before the moon rises causing the top note of this perfume to feel cool and mixed with green from herbal.

Later, when the full moon shines in the sky, the lotus flowers and the flowers around the pond will bloom. The moon light in Thailand have a soft yellow different from western countries. I would like to use the scent of lotus flowers as the heart note, mixed with the scent of yellow flowers such as ylang-ylang and mimosa combined with the scent of Night jasmin to the aroma of the night with a full moon.

When the moonlight hits the lotus flower, it will slowly bloom, in the middle of the flower will be nectar and when we bring this nectar to wear your skin. Over the time, you will get a mild, powdery aroma which is a unique characteristic of the lotus scent blended with each individual’s body scent. Finally, the scent will become the base note of this perfume, “Chanalaj”.

All these stories, even if it’s just a little memory but it is one of the memories that I feel in the beautiful natural of Thailand that would like to convey to everyone who has touched this perfume.

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